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We know from our experience that running a Dental Practice today is complex and challenging not to mention the uncertaintly it has. Whether you are already in Private Practice or just starting out your career in the dental profession, you can see the market changing rapidly before your eyes. Your patients’ expectations are rising, competitors are appearing from the most unlikely sectors and you are often working very hard on whichever treadmill you’ve chosen, just to stand still.

Futhermore, dentists have a huge investment to protect (and recover). While keeping that in mind, they must give the patients the best care possible, keep the staff happy, stay current with CE requirements, monitor key practice management indicators, promote the practice, keep up with new technology, and on and on. 

Unity Dental Lab is not "Just another dental lab" We, as indicated on our logo. We are in the business of bulding relationship. We believe so long you are successful, so will we. We understand the important of our dynamic relationship. Consequently, we operate with the rather unique conviction that dental labs should help the dentists rather than be another daily challenge that the dentists must deal with. We like to see us as a partnership with you to grow and prosper together.

With your success in mind, we have team up with Success Practice, an organization that provide dentist and its staff information and tools to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

Furthermore, we have also develope several programs to assist with your practice, which we call Practice Builder


Unity Dental Lab - Not An Ordinary Dental Lab


Unity is a full service dental laboratory serving discriminating dentists in BC, Canada and the rest of the world. We also service as a hub for other labs and denturists who require specialized manufacturing facilities.  We offer a full range of lab services, specialize in Implant case work planning and regularly guide cases from beginning to completion.  This level of experience allows us to better serve those dentists taking on more complex restorative work.   In addition, we work as your back office for our dentists who need that special touch in their case. Plus, with a fleet of drivers operating throughout the Greater Vancouver area, we can offer efficient service times, even same day repairs, to the majority of dentists in Vancouver. Unity Dental Lab is truly a full service dental laboratory.

To our partnership in life and business!

Jerry Lee RDT

– In Unity We will Succeed in life and business !  

Please Note: We, at Unity Dental Lab reserve the right to change, modify and eliminate the programs and incentives anytime at our own discretion









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